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Regulations for Journal

[Enacted on August 30, 2002]
[Amended on June 5, 2004]
[Amended on January 9, 2019]
[Amended on March 15, 2019]
[Amended on March 19, 2020]

Article 1 (Publication of the Journal)
The Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers (hereinafter “Society”) is committed to fostering research and academic pursuits in manufacturing and production systems. To this end, the Society will periodically publish the Journal of the Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers (hereinafter “Journal”). The Journal is scheduled for monthly publication, with each of the 12 issues being released on the last day of each month (January 31st, February 28th, March 31st, April 30th, May 31st, June 30th, July 31st, August 31st, September 30th, October 31st, November 30th, and December 31st).

Article 2 (Requirements)
1. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must be original research related to manufacturing and production systems, and not previously announced or published in any other publications or academic journals.
2. Manuscripts may be categorized as either “Research Papers” or “Review Articles,” based on their content.
3. A "Research Paper" is defined as a study that is not published in other journals, is fact-based, and contributes to the manufacturing industry. It is further categorized as a “Paper” if it is academically unique or a “Technical Paper” if it has high practical applicability.
4. A “Review Article" is a comprehensive evaluation of specific technologies or research trends within the manufacturing industry.

Article 3 (Submission)
1. Manuscripts may be submitted at any time; however, the official date of receipt is defined as the date on which the manuscript arrives at the Society.
2. All submissions must adhere to the [Manuscript Submission Regulations] regarding submission processes.

Article 4 (Manuscript Preparation)
1. All manuscripts must adhere to the [Guidelines for Preparation of Manuscripts] regarding submission processes.
2. The Society reserves the right to reject submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines and is not obligated to return any materials.

Article 5 (Editorial Board)
The establishment of the Editorial Board, tasked with addressing general matters concerning the publication of the Journal shall be governed by the [Editorial Board Regulations].

Article 6 (Review)
1. The Society aims to complete the review process within 20 days following the receipt date. However, it is acknowledged that reviews for some submitted papers may require additional time beyond this initial period.
2. The review process will be conducted in accordance with the [Regulations on Peer Review Process].
3. Should the author fail to resubmit within two months of notification, the submission will be considered canceled.

Article 7 (Publication)
1. Upon final review and confirmation, the author must submit the final version of the document to the Society.
2. Manuscripts should ideally not exceed six pages, and a nominal publication fee will be charged. Additional pages beyond this limit will incur additional charges.
3. Manuscripts completed with financial support or grants are subject to a 50% increase in publication charges at the time of submission.
4. The sequence of manuscript publication should be based on the acceptance date. Articles for publication must be selected by the Editorial Board 15 days prior to the publication date.
5. The Society retains all rights to all the articles it publishes.

Article 8 (Others)
Manuscripts not covered by the above regulations will be subject to the discretion of the Editorial Board.